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If you drink,
If you smoke
It will make the
NHS choke,
And if NHS chokes
You'll surely choke!

NHS - National Health Service of UK which is already pressurized and plagued by many health issues and hence, its quality of care has also gone down over the past years. GPs and Nurses are having to cope with a lot of diurnal pressure. Lots of cases come to NHS relating to cancers and other severe diseases caused by chronic smoking and drinking. If people give up alcohol and cigs, it will not only benefit them, it will ease the amount of pressure on NHS. Our health is in our hands if we take care of it, rather than spoiling it by our everyday bad habits of nicotine and tobacco, binge drinking, etc. What's the use of spending so much on drinks and cigs and then spending a lot more time, money and effort in getting the right treatment for our maladies which could have been prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle..??


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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