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Theme: Chauvinism

The Intellectual

Through thick glasses
He peers at tomes
Written by Gloria Steinem,
Dictionary in hand.
He espouses
Women’s liberation
As he orders his wife
To fetch him
A cup of filter coffee,
Forgetting to tip her.

He commands his spouse
To disobey the commands
Of tradition
And idle superstition,
While she massages
His legs.

With a condescending air
He tells her
She’s not an inferior
As she eats the leftovers
After his meal;
And informs her
She’s not a slave
While she washes
The used dishes
And dirty linen after him.

An expensive cigarette
Dangling from his lips,
He advises her to cut down
On her frivolous expenses
On lipsticks and perfumes.

Election due,
He writes lengthy pieces
On women’s suffrage,
Instructing his wife
Whom to vote for.

Then convinced
About his sheer genius,
He berates her ignorance
About women’s lib
And retires to a cozy bed
Made ready by his equal.
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More By  :  Gautam Nadkarni

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