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Theme: Catastrophe

Cast Adrift

This ill wind that blew me from your sacred shores
carries me one day further onto this dolesome sea.
Out of earshot from the comforting knell of your sanctuary,
where I once cloistered in your embrace
I have lost my way with no direction home.
Without your beacon my course is lost,
without your lodestone my compass is adrift.
I am at the mercy of every whim and fancy of this aimless,
drifting tide that carries me to what?
Is my destiny now to crash upon some calamitous reef?
How am I to find my way without your guiding beam?
I will pray to the god of compassion, now my only hope,
that he will find a miracle to set you in the sky,
high above my horizon, shining true and clear,
my ever constant beloved, my precious guiding star.


More By  :  David M Gunson

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