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The Flutist

I am a teacher
But the teacher in me comes alive only through you…
Otherwise I am like an unplayed flute
Shaped yet lifeless
Articulate yet mute I need your breath to move me
To bring out the music divine
Without you, I am just body and mind
It’s you who moves my soul
To bring out my whole.


More By  : Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thank you Prof. Siva Prasad .I am honoured by your encouraging words.
Yes, Bhajagovindam and Rajaji's words have stirred many a mind...and will continue to do so.

15-Dec-2011 10:59 AM

Comment Thank you Prof. Anil K Prasad.

15-Dec-2011 10:55 AM

Comment Your poem reminds me of Rajaji's introduction to M S Subbulakshmi's album Bhajagovindam & Vishnu Sahasranamam - I take this occasion to add it here....
"“Adi Sankaracharya wrote a number of Vedantic works for imparting knowledge of the Self and the Universal Spirit.
He also composed a number of hymns to foster Bhakti in the hearts of men.
One of these hymns is the famous Bhajagovindam.
The way of devotion is not different from the way of knowledge or Jnana.
When intelligence matures and lodges securely in the mind, it becomes wisdom.
When wisdom is integrated with life, and issues out in action, it becomes Bhakti.
Knowledge, when it becomes fully mature, is Bhakti.
If it does not get transformed into Bhakti,
such knowledge is useless tinsel.
To believe that Jnana and Bhakti, knowledge and devotion, are different from each other, is ignorance.
If Shri Adi Sankara himself who drank the ocean of Jnana as easily as one picks water from the palm of one’s hand, sang in his later years hymns to develop devotion, it is enough to show that Jnana and Bhakti are one and the same.
Sri Sankara has packed into the Bhajagovindam song the substance of all Vedanta, and set the oneness of Jnana and Bhakti to melodious music.”

Good Work...from a true teacher dedicated to her profession....

Prof.Siva Prasad Peddi
15-Dec-2011 09:23 AM

Comment A very beautiful poem indeed.

Anil Prasad
14-Dec-2011 07:22 AM

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