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Sorrow has an element of emptiness
I cannot remember
When it began,
Or when it ended
Or did it end at all?

Our happy moments die soon
But our sorrow lives for ever
Our sorrow is infinite
But our joys get curbed
By new moments of pain.

What is the colour of sorrow?
Green is the colour of jealousy
Blue is the colour of love
Some call it depression
Some say
Love is depression itself
Some say
Love removes sadness
But still when I see the blue sea
The waves bulge inside me beckoning me to
Reach out to the infinite

Love is blue, Love is blue
What is red then, the colour of the Rose?
Alas! My love is not like the Rose
She bleeds inside, she hides her sorrow
Sorrow has an element of emptiness
I don’t remember when it begins,
Or when it ends.
Our sorrow is infinite
While our joys get curbed
By new moments of pain
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More By  : Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee

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Comments on this Poem

Comment thanks a lot to Santanu Halder....who inspires me by his kind words...keep on reading my poems.

31-Oct-2012 07:59 AM

Comment Sorrow has an element of emptiness-the very beginning of the poem is eye-catching to the readers as it strikes the key note of the poem.Because the poem aestheticises and envisages the "blackest face of woe" with beautiful arrangements of words,similes and images.The poem is all about sorrow-its form,span,structure and its importance.The poet cannot remember when sorrow saw the light of the day,i.e- when it began or when it will be ended.He also realises that it has no end.Because he knew it very well that human sorrows and sufferings are limitless.It is the very reality in life like our death.A life minus sorrow is impossible.Perhaps the poet believes in the famous saying of Gautam Buddha that-our birth is the root cause of our sorrow.Nobody has the power to escape it.In the second stanza the poet boldly avers that our sweet happy moments are transitory,short lived,but our sorrow lives for ever.He avouches that a fresh flow of flood of sorrow will always invade our happy moments and the pall of sadness will engulf us as long as we live.Our sorrow is limitless.It is a fixity in flux..He then wonderfully pictures the colours of sorrow,jealousy,love etc. and finally by giving a beautiful illustration of a beautiful bleeding rose,he proves the point by which he starts his poem,that is -Sorrow has an element of emptiness.So this a touching poem and the poet very wonderfully presented the theme of the poem and the title in one word summarizes the essence of the poem.so the title is very apt and suggestive.

Santanu Halder
31-Oct-2012 07:11 AM

Comment mind blowing..

29-Aug-2012 14:52 PM

Comment Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts.. y ash? I sing of sorrow in a gladness.... Drinking life to the lees . Life is a tragedy to those who think.. and comedy to those who feel. Ashes... yes.. in India life ends in Ashes Mary .... when the body is burnt...but we preserve the ashes..as holy relics

28-Aug-2012 12:04 PM

Comment Sorrow is ash.. hues of ash to me..:)

Mary Annie A.V.
28-Aug-2012 09:55 AM

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