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The deafening din
Of loudmouthed
Nonsensical outbursts
In the citadels of power
The corridors of public-sharing
By the mendacious stalwarts,
Seductive bosses,
Obviously designed
To bamboozle and distract
The issues that stare in the face-
Gifted with the impotent will to face-
Help them as atrocious escapists
In pandemonium.

This is a dreadful attempt
To suppress or conceal
Or outbeat and outshout
The TRUTH in stubborn silences
That disquieten the dying souls;
The splurge of hard effort
Strengthens the silences further
Disturbing more the setup
Causing daring imbalances,
Stiffening the challenges.

Why not speak up the silences
And liberate and be liberated
Amidst the sinking and waning
Values and standards
Of what makes
The quintessence of life?
Silences do not go down the trash;
They disinfect and dispel the darkness
of no-sense and nonsense.

Bigger the man, bigger the silences;
Deeper the man, deeper the silences.
Silences are daring;
They threaten to blow up existence,
Hurt and ruin many around;
So silences turn into a mystery,
A stray truth, inanimate when sane,
Insane when animate!
Why take the risk then?
Silences sound and resound
In murmurs, whispers and monologues.
Silences are the sores of the timid
And the suppressed or depressed;
Silences derail the freedoms of living;
Silences are diversions of speech.

Everybody lives epic silences
And epical become the pains
Rooted in silence.
None can decode the silences.
Whoever tries, goes viral
Or spiral!
Silences, foul bursting at the seams
Remain concealed in irrational themes;
Silences of guilts conscious,
Silences of sins known,
Silences camouflage in curses,
Silences erupt in delirium;
Silences are anchored
To elastic stretch of silken endurance of the sordid and the horrid-
Dementia of the lurid.

Silences about dashed hopes,
Ruined wishes,
Living longings and languishing
In relationships, bonds and links,
Are wasted passions
and wastrels in silence;
Silences silence all!

Silences of unspeakable issues
Lie buried in fathomless bosoms;
Silence of the deserts
on the surface
speaks of centuries lost!
Silence in the reckless flames
Rising in columns of thick smoke
Surrounded by the deadly silence
Of the infinite seas
Is lost in helpless dumb speech.

Silence is not a tell-tale;
It tells tales-
Unheard and recreated-
Unleashed in the world of speech!
Silence of the sages and the saints
Fulfill in glow divine and compassion;
Silences are sacred
And gain sanctity in sermons!

Silences do not go
When we go
Or even if we go.
Ashes tremble in sounds of breath,
Bones sulk to listen in silence;
Urn contains the burn in silence-
To solace, sway and slay
With the sickle in silence in solitude-
The abominable garb!
Silence is the barb.....
Of the banished brute!


More By  : Prof. R. K. Bhushan

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