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End of The World

I came into this world
They say
So the world was there
When I came in
Where did I come from
Was it another world
Did it end
When I fled
Why should I break my head

The world ends
Every night when I switch off
Yet I close my eyes
Longing for rest
Without worry
Why should I therefore rue
If this one before my eyes
Perishes now or survives

It is there for my eyes to see
Senses to perceive
All in order without an error
Run by impeccable laws
Without my asking
Or prodding
Yet why is it that I worry
If it ends
Without a warning
When something ought to remain
If my nature is to see and grin

What is this world that I worry
So much about
Is it the stars that shine in the Milky Way
Or the galaxies that speed away
Nay not a way
It is my immediate woman
With her youth intact
Merry relatives
Frolicking in unending sunshine
Of a well-to-do spring
The unaccounted filth stashed away
In clandestine accounts
In distant lands
And all that I hadn’t had before
But now boastfully brandish

I came into this world
They say
Without all this that I think are mine
Yet why is it that I worry and break my head
If all this that has come is to slip away

And if the world perishes
Into a lifeless mass
Who would be there
To say “Oh, ye, behold, these are the ashes
The mortal remains
Of our beloved mother earth
Let us just join and look for a Ganges
To flow them and give her peace
In her eternal abode”

Who would say that
Other than me
The intelligence that pulsates
Ever and ever
For the words “I see”
To sprout
Like a waking shoot out of an immortal seed

So let the volcanoes spew
Fire into the skies
Let auroras blaze
Lightnings streak
Thunder roar
Let polar ice melt and tsunamis rise
To submerge the fiery mounts
And quench their thirst

Let God have a Diwali bash
Lighting daisy wheels
Of colourful splendour 
Igniting the stars
HE deserves it
Poor guy bored to the core
Having all these days
Patiently kept
The sun, moon and winds on course
All for this unthinking insecure ass

Oh, let the world come to an end
And let me say to my surprise
 “I see the world has come to an end”


More By  :  Madathil Rajendran Nair

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Comments on this Poem

Comment "Let God have a Diwali Bash - The poor guy bored to the core"

Let me also have a Diwali Bash cause I am also bored to the core. Let us celebrate for, the world not ended. Or ended and began so fast that I am in a new world now.

08-Jan-2013 06:22 AM

Comment As long as one is in madathil (anavam) one can see that the world has come to an end other wise, where, what, and who is.....???

28-Dec-2012 01:35 AM

Comment Describing the death through this immortal poem is amazing. Thanks, Madathil-ji.

27-Dec-2012 01:43 AM

Comment Good one Madathil. Your extrovert ethos echoes in this one. You seem to be a blithe spirit:). Lighthearted poem

27-Dec-2012 00:41 AM

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