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It’s time to
Fetch my Kochi
From school.

I feel so happy
Like the one
Who’s won the
Trick and made
Someone an
April Fool :-)

(Kochi is my little daughter)

I miss her at home when she’s in school.
I look forward to her return every day…
The elation of meeting her is like winning the ‘I tricked you’ games on April Fool’s Day!


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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Comments on this Poem

Thank You, Nathmal Ji for your heart-warming Review :-)

05-Jun-2013 08:58 AM

Comment Kochi is a good girl,I think.Because she is your daughter.By face reading I can say she is an innocent & lovely girl.God may bless her.I have also a
grand daughter who is same age & lovely as well as Kochi.Some day I shall submit a poem on her.Children make our world complete.Without them we are nothing.A lot of thanks for simple but heart touching poem.Again thanks
for sharing personal experiences with boloji readers.It shows your pure
heartedness.Thank you Mam.

Nathmal Sharma
04-Jun-2013 14:40 PM

Thank You, Sony and Rupradha :-)

10-Jul-2012 05:41 AM

Comment very sweet!

09-Jul-2012 20:56 PM

Comment So cute!

Sony Dalia
09-Jul-2012 12:30 PM