Theme: Introspection

Afterthought ...

Day to day struggle of living
Somebody smokes, somebody drinks,
somebody eats, somebody sleeps
Ongoing humdrum of activities
You get tired of working, yet drudge along
You have fears - the fear of dying, wasting away, disintegrating...
There you are - running helter-skelter in the race of millions
To make a place for yourself - to feel secure

You love somebody, you hate some...
Copulating with someone, caring for some, yet thwarting others
Lovely weather, sordid weather, pain and pleasure -
They come and go by - ain't mean anything to some,
yet meaning 'a whole world' to others

At times we look towards God and ask:
'anything wrong? anything a-miss?'
Then a myriad of imaginations flow by:
Imagine HIM smiling, imagine HIM smirking at you,
Imagine HIM forgiving you
And then you make some sense (OR no sense at all)
of what's really happening on this blessed earth...
you as an 'earthling' or just a 'nothing' -
some sensible existence: is this?


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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