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Water of Life!


(A Biographical History of Water)

On the golden boat of the crescent moon
Moving across the ocean of the vast sky
With waves of clouds spread everywhere
I row exploring about the water of life!
Without water, where is life in the world?
Where is water in the Universe vast, wide?

Even in the Mars only trickles of water are seen
In the frozen but not in the running condition!
But only on the Earth at the dusk of winter
Dawns Spring with icicles melting into water;
Many drops make a natural reservoir of water
And overflows from the top of the mountain;
Beautiful water falls goes down hundreds of feet
Below the valley like the milk poured from a can
To a cup below for cooling by the master above!
Potential energy of stored water when flown down
The valley changes into kinetic energy full of life!

The rivers of life like the Mississippi of USA,
Amazon of South America, Nile of Egypt or
Ganges of India and Volga of Russia, etc.
Eternally support life on the Earth forever!
Twists and turns of the longest rivers look
Like giant Anaconda or python snakes;
Miles and miles they move meandering
Only to mingle one with the ocean finally!
What a journey the rivers make sustaining
Many lives on the way of the world nations
Magnificently, majestically, magnanimously!

Many poets compare the river to a woman
Moving with a dancing motion in freedom;
Such a jolly, good woman runs like a river,
Jumps like a falls and sits like a sea finally!
Energy liberated from confinement damages
Everything without some external control!
Hence Lord Siva confined River
Within the knot of His long tresses of hair
Letting her pass only through a single hole
Creating a beautiful fountain over His head!
So also dams are built to regulate rivers
To benefit mankind by irrigating lands!
Not only fields, plants and trees benefit
But also all animals and men drink water
And marine biology survives by water of life.

Sans water where is evolution of life on Earth
Which rotates round Sun supporting all species?
From plankton to whale all are evolved in water,
Womb of Nature for all creatures in the world!
Animate objects of ocean are the origin of species
That has evolved into all forms of life in the world.
So, water, matter and heat have made the soup
That has evolved various species to man finally!
But without water how could soup have formed
To develop into different species on the Earth?

Algae, reefs, reeds and fish are seen under the sea
Living colourfully, beautifully and lovely in all sizes;
But cool predators too come calm to gulp creatures!
Desert or deep sea abyss, variety of creatures
Both positive and negative live side by side here.
This is common in Nature except a highest life form,
Man, evolved from a microbe is a greatest wonder!
Complex life form, man, a combination of all in one
And superior to all, is next only to God, so to say!

The great God has created everything for everyone
To enjoy and live in peace and harmony in Nature;
But the greedy few grab the share of others too
For their comfortable survival among the suffering!
So, the suffering beings struggle against the odds
Or fight for justice wondering why God has done so.
Higher beings must be magnanimous with the meek
With their magnificent power and majestic stature
To create things peaceful and mirthful possible
In this colourful, beautiful and lovely living world!

Physically evolved man next intellectually too has
Developed and is spiritually developing as well;
But he can’t live a natural life relieved from the grip
Of mechanical life organized by his own civilization!
So, whether man has evolved from microbes or not,
Whether man is part of Nature or not man explores
Animals, birds, fish, flowers, Nature and Universe
To get an answer so as to overcome all messes!

Industrialized world life has led man to exploit all
Natural resources for energy, raw materials needed;
So, he is not bothered about the production of poisons
Or recycling resources, polluted air, water and land;
As a result biological deaths contaminate natural water
And lead man to buy mineral water to drink for life!
Even drinking water has become so scarce a commodity
That droughts and deaths have become common here!
After all developments, if water of life is made a poison,
Is it not a farce to think high about man for his deeds?
Man’s revolution should not interfere in Nature’s evolution
To make his deeds a cause for destruction of resources.

Image © T A Ramesh


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