A Beautiful Day  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Beautiful Day  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Beautiful Day  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Beautiful Song  by Jan Oscar Hansen
A Beauty of Nature Art!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Beginning and End!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Boon of God  by T. A. Ramesh
A Canyon  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Comforting Park!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Congenial Place To Meet!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Course of Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Day So Enthralling  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Deafening Nature War of Hell!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Design or an Accident?  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
A Dollar For Your Thoughts  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Field of Flowers  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Foggy Dawn  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Foggy Morn  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Forest  by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi
A Frozen Affair!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Fullmoon Night at Marina Beach  by Jyothi Lakshmi B
A Garden So Sublime  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Garden To Go To  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Great Challenge!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Great Miracle!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Handiwork of Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Heaven On Earth  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Hell of Man!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Hide and Seek Game  by T. A. Ramesh
A Kiss...A Bliss  by Sonam Bhutia
A Leaf  by Sony Dalia
A Mountain Stream  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Paradise of Universe!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Paradise!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Purple Sky  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Ruler of Mankind!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Status Difference in Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Storm Called Sandy*  by Rajender Krishan
A Stream  by Neelam Dadhwal
A Summer Night  by Ravinder Malhotra
A Superstorm Named Sandy  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Thrill in Rain!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Touch of Pink  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Truly Remarkable Existence  by Michael Levy
A Wet Stroll  by Kulbir Bhalla
A White River of Light  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
A Winter Tree Blossoms  by Ramesh Anand
A Winter Wonderland  by Kulbir Bhalla
A Wonder That Fills My Heart!  by T. A. Ramesh
A Zig-Zag Route!  by T. A. Ramesh
Abiding Affinity  by Sony Dalia
Advertisement and Invitation!  by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
Alchemy  by Kulbir Bhalla
All Absorbing Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
All My Joys!  by T. A. Ramesh
All Singing Songs with Oum Rhythm!  by T. A. Ramesh
All These I Loved  by Kumud Biswas
Alone, Not Lonely  by M. V. J. Simon
Amazing Wonders of Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
An Amazing Evening!  by T. A. Ramesh
An Ode to Wind  by R Purushothama Rao
An Orchestra  by Pankajam K
An Unwelcome Visitor  by Stephen Watson
Answers  by Kulbir Bhalla
As I Explored  by Rupradha Mookerjee
Autumn  by Ramesh Anand
Autumn Mist  by Matthew Brackley
Back To Twig One  by Mallik Bulusu
Backstroke  by Ramesh Anand
Bashful Boy  by Sony Dalia
Be in Tune  by Kulbir Bhalla
Beach Blanket Bingo  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Beautitude  by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi
Beauty  by R Purushothama Rao
Beauty of Nature  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Behold Beauty  by Kulbir Bhalla
Beneficence  by Walter Durk
Bird  by Bharat Mehru
Blackberries  by R. D. Ashby
Blades of Grass!  by Sony Dalia
Bliss I've Found  by Kulbir Bhalla
Blossoms  by R Purushothama Rao
Bridging Past and Present  by Pankajam K
Butterfly  by Aparna Chatterjee
Butterfly Lesson  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Call of the Sea (Pantoum)  by Hema Ravi
Cardinal's Solitary Home  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Cherry Blossom  by Ramesh Anand
Children's Eyes  by Ramesh Anand
Chimes  by Maria Reed-Shore
Christmas Gift  by Seshu Chamarty
Clock of Time   by Mahesh Jambunathan
Cloud Art  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Clouds  by Pili Pubul
Clouds  by Swatantra Sharma
Clouds  by Melanie Simms
Color Cravings  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Color Effects  by T. A. Ramesh
Colors  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Come Sing Along  by Kulbir Bhalla
Comes Spring  by Dr. Madhavi Lata Agrawal
Companion   by Sony Dalia
Complaining  by Kulbir Bhalla
Connecting Infinity  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Countryside  by Neelam Dadhwal
Crystal  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Dance Partners  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Dawn  by Rajender Krishan
Delight  by Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar
Delightful Spring   by Mohini Gurav
Desert Mountains in Leh   by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie Bayer
Design Divine  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Destruction and Construction  by T. A. Ramesh
Differently Beautiful   by Shernaz Wadia
Distant Hill   by Ramesh Anand
Divine Nature  by N S Ramachandran
Divine Nature  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Do Your Duty  by Kulbir Bhalla
Dress of Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
Drops of Dew  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Drowsy Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
Earth Day  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Earth's Daughter  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
East Wind  by Madathil Rajendran Nair
Eavesdrop by the River  by Dr. Madhavi Lata Agrawal
Eight Wonders  by Jyothi Lakshmi B
Elephants on my Sari Border  by Chandana Banerjee
Emerald Green!  by T. A. Ramesh
Engulfed   by R Purushothama Rao
Enjoying   by Alex (alexis)
Equine and May  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Evening  by Kumud Biswas
Evening  by Dr. Shaleen Singh
Everything is Beautiful  by Setaluri Padmavathi
Extinction of Assimilation   by Prof. Mukesh Raval
Facets of Nature  by Seema Banerjee
Fall Colours  by R Purushothama Rao
Fall Fest  by R Purushothama Rao
Fallow Land   by Jan Oscar Hansen
Far and Near  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Fate of Planets!  by T. A. Ramesh
Fear   by Vijay Nath
Fields of Flowers   by Matthew Brackley
Finding Basic Nature  by Mukesh Williams
Flowering Personality  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Flowers  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Flowers  by Kulbir Bhalla
Flowers   by Aparna Chatterjee
Forest Brook  by K.S. Subramanian
Forget All to Rejuvenate Heart!  by T. A. Ramesh
Formidable Foe's Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
Frailty  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Frantic Arctic Rush  by Aju Mukhopadhyay
Fresh Soil  by Neelam Dadhwal
Frog Pool (Haiku)  by Priyanka Bhowmick
Fruition of Life!  by T. A. Ramesh
Full Moon Day  by Mita Sharma
Gifts from the Creator  by William C. Gladish
Gold To Behold  by Kulbir Bhalla
Gold To Behold  by Kulbir Bhalla
Golden Arches*  by Sandra Martyres
Golden Landscape  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Gratitude  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Green Feeling  by Ramesh Anand
Green Nest  by Ramesh Anand
Greys and Blues!  by T. A. Ramesh
Grow Green  by Neelam Sangwai
Growing  by Swatantra Sharma
Gulmohar Again  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Haiku  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Haiku  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Hear  by Aparna Chatterjee
Heartening Inspiration  by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie Bayer
Heaven  by Bharat Mehru
Heavenly Flowers  by Dr. Madhavi Lata Agrawal
Henna  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Hill Lake  by Ramesh Anand
Hot and Cold!  by T. A. Ramesh
I am the Rose  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
I Hear Its Call  by Kulbir Bhalla
I Make All The Difference  by Dr. Emmadi Srinivas Rao
I Will Vanish  by Suchithra Balan
I Wish I Were A Cloud  by Mohini Gurav
I'm A Guest  by Kulbir Bhalla
Icicles  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Ideals  by Dimitris P. Kraniotis
In Company with Nature  by T. A. Ramesh
In Sight of Table Mountain  by Philip G Bell
In the Country  by Kumud Biswas
Infinite Is Her Giving  by Kulbir Bhalla
Inspiration and Exploration!  by T. A. Ramesh
Iris  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Is Plant Mute?  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Its Raining Teardrops  by Bhawini Tripathi
Jewels of Joy  by Bharat B. Trivedi
Jungfraujoch  by Sandra Martyres
Kalimpong  by Kumud Biswas
Kanchenjunga  by Rupradha Mookerjee
Kryptonian Rain  by Anupama Ganesh
Land of Pond  by Maria Reed-Shore
Law  by Aparna Chatterjee
Learn from a Rose  by Kulbir Bhalla
Learn From Birds  by Kulbir Bhalla
Leaves Turning Red  by Kulbir Bhalla
Lessons from Nature  by Mahesh Jambunathan
Let's See The Sun Descending!  by Shazia Batool Naqvi
Let's Smile and Disappear  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Lightning and Thunder  by Kulbir Bhalla
Lightning and Thunder  by Kulbir Bhalla
Listening to a Forest   by Dr. Uma Asopa
Looking So Serene  by Kulbir Bhalla
Love a Tree and its Flowers  by Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
Love at First Sight   by Daniel Menezes
Love Letters  by Shernaz Wadia
Loving Nature  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Magic Monsoon  by N S Ramachandran
Man  by Aparna Chatterjee
Man fumbles with Nature's Bounty in Sundarbans  by Aju Mukhopadhyay
Marvel  by Rajender Krishan
Matter  by Aparna Chatterjee
Mayatoru (The Illusion Tree)  by Dipankar Dasgupta
Melting Mother  by Shuchi Kalra
Merry-Go-Round  by Kulbir Bhalla
Messengers  by Swatantra Sharma
Midnight Rain   by Papa Osmubal
Migratory Birds   by Dr. Uma Asopa
Missed  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Mist Has Wings  by Kulbir Bhalla
Mister Winter  by Stephen Watson
Moment  by Safiyyah Patel
Monsoon Arrival  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Monsoon Magic  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Monsoon's End  by Ramesh Anand
Monsoon's End  by Ramesh Anand
Moonlight  by Sony Dalia
Moonlit Sheen  by R Purushothama Rao
Morning Silence  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Morning Thoughts  by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi
Mother Nature  by Kulbir Bhalla
Mother Nature  by Prashika Baviskar
Mother Nature is Wonderful  by Randy Johnson
Mountain Lake Retreat  by Stephen Watson
Mountain Streams  by Kulbir Bhalla
Muse  by Seshu Chamarty
Musings in the Garden  by Satis Shroff
My Companions   by Kumud Biswas
My Gratitude  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
My Love  by Pavalamani Pragasam
My Silver and Gold  by Kulbir Bhalla
Natural Calamity for Unity  by T. A. Ramesh
Natural Gratitude!  by T. A. Ramesh
Natural Mother  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Natural Trait!  by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
Nature  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Nature   by Prof. Dr. Jennifer Marie Bayer
Nature  by Shernaz Wadia
Nature  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature  by R. D. Ashby
Nature  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature  by Alok Srivastava
Nature  by G Swaminathan
Nature Aglow  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature and Me  by Rupradha Mookerjee
Nature Bountiful  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Nature Changes!  by T. A. Ramesh
Nature Cures  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Nature Games  by Pili Pubul
Nature Glowing  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature has a Wide Within  by Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
Nature Has The Last Word!  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature Having A Break  by Krishti K
Nature Heals  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Nature in Principle  by R. D. Ashby
Nature Plays Music!  by T. A. Ramesh
Nature Rejuvenates All  by T. A. Ramesh
Nature Silenced   by Sushil Kansal
Nature the Teacher: Lessons from Tree and River  by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
Nature Through Five Senses  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Nature Versus Man!  by T. A. Ramesh
Nature's Beauty  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Nature's Beauty  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature's Bounty  by Rutuparna Nanda
Nature's Canvas  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature's Frame  by Dr. Sivanand Veluri
Nature's Grandeur  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature's Miracle  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature's Purge  by Dr. O.P. Arora
Nature's Retribution  by Ravinder Malhotra
Nature's Show  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature's Show  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nature's Torrential Note  by T. A. Ramesh
Nectar  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Never Betrayed!  by T. A. Ramesh
New Pills!  by T. A. Ramesh
Night to Dawn!  by T. A. Ramesh
Nirvana  by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
No, No...  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Normal  by Sparrow Tiger
October Day  by Neelam Dadhwal
October's Pretence  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Ode to an Earthquake  by Dr. Ram Mehta
Ode To Sandy  by Madathil Rajendran Nair
Offer of Nature!  by T. A. Ramesh
On A Bird  by Prafulla Sahu
On a Rainy Day  by Suchithra Balan
Origin   by R Purushothama Rao
Origin  by Rachna
Our Hills  by Paresh Chanchani
Our Planet   by James Ray Scott
Out To Impress  by Kulbir Bhalla
Outdoors  by R. D. Ashby
Overnight Spring  by Seshu Chamarty
Painting The Sky  by Kulbir Bhalla
Park Scene  by R. D. Ashby
Paying in the Same Coin!  by T. A. Ramesh
Peace and Growth  by Setaluri Padmavathi
Peaceful Nature  by T. A. Ramesh
Perception  by Rajender Krishan
Personality  by Seshu Chamarty
Picture Perfect  by Mahesh Jambunathan
Pink Petals  by Kulbir Bhalla
Pink Petals  by Kulbir Bhalla
Poetry's Plea  by Mahesh Jambunathan
Portugal in May  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Precious Dust!  by T. A. Ramesh
Puri Sea Beach  by Prafulla Sahu
Quotient of Hope  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Raindrops  by Kulbir Bhalla
Raindrops  by Kulbir Bhalla
Raining Clouds  by Ramesh Anand
Rains and Rainbow  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Rebuild Our Beautiful Nature  by Krishti K
Reeds  by Neelam Dadhwal
Reliability  by R. D. Ashby
Remaining Spring  by Ramesh Anand
River  by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
River is Man's Power  by Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
River's Song  by Pili Pubul
Rock Heart  by Shalini Samuel
Rolling Thunder  by Kulbir Bhalla
Rough and Soft  by T. A. Ramesh
Sands of Time  by Dr. K.C. Prashar
Save Nature  by Virendra Jain
Savor Nature's Show  by Kulbir Bhalla
Seed  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Senryu  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
Service  by R Purushothama Rao
Settling Scores!  by T. A. Ramesh
Seven Colors Glowing  by Kulbir Bhalla
Shimla  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Shiva's Dhyana  by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
Show Your Class  by Kulbir Bhalla
Silaidaha  by Kumud Biswas
Silence  by Sonam Bhutia
Silence  by Dr. Sandeep Kumar Kar
Silhouette   by Rajender Krishan
Since When Was Mother Nature So Kind?  by Rupashri Chatterjee
Sister of Earth  by Bernie McCann
Sleeping Sun  by Priyanka Bhowmick
Slow Death  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Smile  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Snow in Aarhus  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Snow-Covered Spruces  by Kulbir Bhalla
Snowy Mountains  by Lakshmi Prabha Matham
So Sweet...  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Soaring Spirits  by N S Ramachandran
Soft Coat  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Somewhere  by Bharat B. Trivedi
Somewhere, Up There...  by Ragini Puri
Song of the Rain  by Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar
Songlines   by Chandana Banerjee
Soulmate  by Dr. Suruchi Arora
Spellbound, I Am Sitting On The Terrace  by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
Spring  by Ramesh Anand
Spring  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Spring  by Swatantra Sharma
Spring Dream  by Ramesh Anand
Spring in Wings  by R Purushothama Rao
Spring Rain  by Ramesh Anand
Spring's End  by Ramesh Anand
Storm  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Struggle   by Dr. Sandeep Kumar Kar
Such is Life  by Kulbir Bhalla
Summer Twilight  by Ramesh Anand
Sun Did Not Rise Today  by Bharat B. Trivedi
Sun Plays Hide and Seek!  by T. A. Ramesh
Sunbeam  by Maria Reed-Shore
Sunrise  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Sunset  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Sunset Chills...  by Ramesh Anand
Sunshine  by Kulbir Bhalla
Super Moon!  by T. A. Ramesh
Supernova  by R. D. Ashby
Tale of a Year  by Soumya Das
Talking to Cicadas   by Vincent Gullaci
Thane or Tsunami?  by T. A. Ramesh
The 19th March Moon  by Sandra Martyres
The Artist  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Bare Tree  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
The Blue Plant  by Jan Oscar Hansen
The Blush  by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
The Cotton Tree  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
The Cyclone I Cannot Forget!  by T. A. Ramesh
The Dawning  by Ramesh Anand
The Earth and the Sky  by Amrita Mallik
The Falcon  by R. D. Ashby
The Flower Garden in Autumn  by R. D. Ashby
The Fog  by Neelam Dadhwal
The Fog and The Sun  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Full Moon  by Kumud Biswas
The Garden Is Alive  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Gazer  by Devansh Dwivedy
The Grove  by Swatantra Sharma
The Gulmohar Tree   by Raj Nandy
The Gust of the Autumn Wind  by Priyanka Bhowmick
The Hand Of Nature  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Hundru Waterfalls  by Bijay Kant Dubey
The Invisible Connection  by Dr. O.P. Arora
The Kanchenjunga  by Rupradha Mookerjee
The Masked Reality  by Dr. Sandeep Kumar Kar
The Monsoon Moves  by Prof. Shailesh Kumar Mishra
The Moon  by Kumud Biswas
The Mourning Discovery  by Bryon D. Howell
The New Moon   by Kumud Biswas
The Noon  by Kumud Biswas
The Ocean (A Nonet)  by Sandra Martyres
The Park  by T. A. Ramesh
The Party  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Pond  by Walter Durk
The Reason Why  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Role  by Vibiesh
The Seeing Eye   by Jan Oscar Hansen
The Shadow  by Neelam Dadhwal
The Show was Sublime  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Sound of Water  by Neelam Dadhwal
The Splendor of Nature  by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
The Spring  by Kumud Biswas
The Spring That Once Was  by Ravinder Malhotra
The Storm  by Sandra Martyres
The Sun  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
The Sun  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Sun and The Moon  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Sun is Out  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Sunset  by Rupradha Mookerjee
The Thinker of the Thought  by Michael Levy
The Tree  by Prafulla Sahu
The Tree and the Bird   by Hao Rui Juan
The Wind And The Leaves  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Wintry Sun  by Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar
There is Winter by Touch  by Ananya S Guha
These Clouds  by Neelam Dadhwal
This Dawn  by Kumud Biswas
This Sublime Show  by Kulbir Bhalla
This, Too, Shall Pass!  by Kulbir Bhalla
Thorny Beauty   by T. A. Ramesh
Thrashing  by Kulbir Bhalla
Three-Liners  by Hema Ravi
Thunder and Lightning  by Kulbir Bhalla
Time After Time  by Kulbir Bhalla
Tiny Sparrow Feet   by Michael Lee Johnson
To A Garden I Go  by Kulbir Bhalla
To High Heaven!  by T. A. Ramesh
Tongue in Cheek  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Tracks In The Snow  by Kulbir Bhalla
Trees  by Kulbir Bhalla
Twilight in Chilka  by Kausik Bhaduri
Twilight Spreads...  by Ramesh Anand
Unaffected Mornings  by Aditi Misra
Unconditional Love  by Aparna Chatterjee
Underwater Culture  by Pallabi Ghosal
Valley Dawn  by Dr. Sunil Sharma
Verdict  by Shernaz Wadia
Verdure?  by Sony Dalia
Waiting   by Walter Durk
Wake Up Please!  by T. A. Ramesh
Warm Sun  by Neelam Dadhwal
Water of Life!   by T. A. Ramesh
Waterfall's Mist  by Ramesh Anand
Watering Hole  by Ramesh Anand
Weather Forecast  by Jan Oscar Hansen
What A Beautiful Day!  by Kulbir Bhalla
What A Great Reason!  by Kulbir Bhalla
What A Scene!  by Kulbir Bhalla
What A View!  by Kulbir Bhalla
What A Wonderful Day!  by Kulbir Bhalla
What Else Can?  by T. A. Ramesh
What is Nature?  by Sunwrita Dastidar
What More Can I Say?  by Kulbir Bhalla
What Nature is Showing  by Kulbir Bhalla
What Will It Say?  by Kulbir Bhalla
When The Night Falls  by Kulbir Bhalla
Where Lies Bliss?  by T. A. Ramesh
Which is Better?  by T. A. Ramesh
Whispers   by R. D. Ashby
White Cap Warriors   by Michael Levy
Wild  by Aparna Chatterjee
Winter  by Sony Dalia
Winter Stakes  by R Purushothama Rao
Winter will Turn into Spring!  by T. A. Ramesh
Winter-Wet  by Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar
Winter's Reflection  by Amrita Mallik
With Depressed Eyes  by Dr. Sandeep Kumar Kar
Wonder of Spring  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Wonderful!  by Kumud Biswas
Worth Its While  by Swatantra Sharma
Wounds and Balms!  by T. A. Ramesh
Your Gifts  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick