Theme: Nature

Quotient of Hope


Nature plays its balancing role
Mostly amicable but sometimes cruel
Droughts, cyclones, floods and tsunamis
Melting glaciers and warming oceans
Or even ozone hole is stratosphere
Such events are of the category latter.

But it's really the human factor
Posing real threat to planet's survival
Global exploding human population
Continuing rain forests' destruction
Unmindful exploitation of natural resources
Such as coal, natural gas and minerals
Pollution of land, water and air
Are common examples and consequences
Of human greed and corrupt practices
Declining moral values and selfishness.

But it's not that the planet has no hope
Like God and devil existed together always
Creative human forces too are at work
Efforts are on to contain greenhouse gases
Through enforcing stringent emission norms
Focus on clean and renewable energy sources
Declaring forest lands as 'No Go' areas
Also effluent and sewage treatment plants
Are the illustrations of good human deeds.

As long there is humanity, so is quotient of hope
It's heart warming in the concrete jungle
You can even find man created green niches
Where exists a canopy of green plants and trees
A flock of parrots, pigeons and partridges
There nightingales sing so sweet melodies
Beautiful peacocks dance in all seasons
Can see even squirrels, rabbits and langurs
All in harmony and peaceful co-existence
A case indeed of mankind's ingenuity and hope.

Image © jaipalsingh


More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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