Theme: Nature

Nature's Purge

Nature’s curse
on man
when he ceased
to be man…
Adam’s heir
enjoyed breaking all barriers
Satan’s savior
devilish dealer
protector turns predator…
This malicious design
against Nature’s gifts benign
turning this beautiful planet
into a desert flat…
But Nature!
So bountiful
so generous
so magnanimous
and man
its best creation
how can it…?
Why not?
Love and discipline
Nature’s warnings
mild or wild
time and again
mocked, jeered, brushed aside…
lost in greed and lust
his façade got bust…
Arrogance surpassed all sanity…
Nature had to sanitize
at the end
no way…
Life’s end
a new beginning
the cyclic motion
you can’t defile the creation…


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More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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