Theme: Nature

A Beginning and End!

All thoughts lead to source and end of game;
But nothing saves from labyrinthine den....!
Careful calculations and costings lead nowhere;
Darkness within like the dark matters of Space
Ever makes impossible to fathom depth sure!

Full scope to know the beginning is yet unknown;
God Particle is discovered as Higg's Boson, yet
How long the journey has to be travelled further?
Ions, atoms, molecules, elements and compounds
Joining all to a mass making matter are a puzzle!

Kepler or Copernicus or Newton or Einstein or
Long staying Stephen Hawkins has not fathomed
Miracles like Black Holes and Supernova of Universe;
Nebula spiraling in galaxies are wonders incredible!
Open secrets of Nature are God's challenge to man;
Power of man is being tested even after discoveries
Quite amazing though like his inventions too futher!

Restless searches and working of minds only go on
Surmounting gaps in links of many proofs to be made!
Truth yet remains as elusive as the expanding Space;
Universe is amazing though discoveries are incredible!
Variety of puzzles and mysteries of Space challenges
Wherever man is about to reach the end point somehow!

X factors keep on all resolutions impossible to be revealed;
Yearnings to reach a final interpretation of all forces
Zeroing to a decisive conclusion all want to know soon....!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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