Theme: Nature

Color Cravings

I wonder why something stimulates mental activity
Why I feel young in the old age?
Why the Florida people are sunshine and the tropics
Thanks to the orange color for healthy food and appetite.

Citrus or orange combines the energy of red
Though it is not as aggressive as red.
Dark orange can mean deceit and distrust,
Red orange to desire, sexual passion and thirst.

Red is associated with energy, war
Passion, desire, love and power.
Red is a very emotionally intense color
And it has very high visibility.

Light red represents joy, sexuality, love
Dark red associated with willpower, courage
Brown suggests stability and masculine qualities
Reddish-brown with harvest and fall.

Orange combines the happiness of yellow
When placed against the black issues warning
Yellow can be used for cheerful feelings
It can be used as attention getter.

The supreme creator prefers the blue sky abode.
Associated with the sea gives depth and stability,
The blue combines grey for spiritual cleansing.
Blue makes me dream about love related ideas

Red, yellow and grey are the originals
Blue-yellow-red is perfect for a superhero.
Purple is a very rare color in nature
Black for loss, white onto the heavens.


More By  : Dr. Ram Mehta

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