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Rough and Soft

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Beautiful blue green Earth has red hot lava at the core
That erupts as volcanoes and cools down as solid rocks!
Mountains and rivers, meadows and flowers beautify Earth
Also, joy and sorrow, birth and death constitute routine life!

Egg or Hen - which came first? And what is the end?
It's difficult to speculate over and decide about finally!
Between rough and soft, love and hate, man lives life
Though they look to be extremes, are connected in life!

Between extremes, man oscillates in life in this world!
It is up to him to decide about what end he likes to meet
And accordingly he has to choose the sort of life he likes
So, both the extremes, man has to take in the same way.

Rough or soft, rough and soft, the course of life will be here
And success depends in the way he completes the course!
Nature has destined man to be so in this beautiful world!
So, lessons of experience only guide man to live life well.


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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