Theme: Nature

Color Effects

According to man's horoscope
Colors have special significance
For man's successful service in the world.
Colors have healing powers on human beings
According to each one's nature.
Beauty depends upon various colors
That attract men towards arts
And activate them with zeal!

Green pastures, green trees, green meadows
Leap the heart with enthusiasm and joy
In their cool nature in Nature!

Wide open blue sky and deep blue sea
Enlighten the mind and elevate the spirit
In their breath and depth!

Rose flowers and pink flowers in the park
Are absorbingly beautiful to the eye of the beholder!

Golden yellow fire of burning camphor
Inspires awe to all to worship it
In wonder and bliss!

The red hot iron heats up the blood with
Energy and alertness to all around it!

The black soot on the eyelash absorbs
The heat inside and cools the eyes
To see and remain better and bright!

The transparent white light assimilates
All seven colors in one
and plunges the whole soul in deep bliss!

The reflection of Sun's rays
Sparkling like diamonds on the sea waves
Brings the vision of heaven on the earth!

The colorful clouds refracted by the sun's rays
At the evening twilight take the paradise to the sky,
A beautiful sight to see everyday!

The dispersion of seven colors connects
Heaven and paradise by the bridge of VIBGYOR rainbow,
A pleasant sight to see on a sunny raining day!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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