Theme: Nature


Chugging along in a cog wheel train
Up the mountain focussing on the beauty
Of the Swiss Alpine Range - a visual treat
And standing atop Europe's highest peak
Leaves one revelling in the glory of nature
With deep blue skies and bright sunshine
Adding to the splendour of the mountains
Sunbeams dance on the fresh snow piled up
Like mounds of freshly whipped up cream
Hesitant steps are taken for fear of leaving
A dark black trail in the pristine surroundings
But the temptation to sink into the snow is too great
Inhibitions are soon shed and people are on their knees
Scooping up snow to create the largest snowman ever
Realisation dawns that a lot of effort will be required
Yet no one gives up and an hour later the body is ready
Then comes the head, the eyes are two black buttons
The mouth is a red hairclip and a hook the nose
A woollen scarf is wound around snowman's neck and
As the creators step back to admire their handiwork
Cameras go into action to capture this work of art
A wondrous moment meant to be savoured forever


More By  :  Sandra Martyres

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