Theme: Nature

The Earth and the Sky

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Miles and miles away they are
Still for each other they care.
Though He can’t come down
She can’t go up.
Yet they fantasize the horizon
and withhold the urge of union
As Witness to all forms of love
They stand; Yet Silent they remain,
About their fate; to complain they refrain
thus lauded was their love
Through the tyranny of sun and moon
When they pass; as a crier comes the colossal cloud
With drums and claps, it trumpets his lust.
First of the showers, drenches all her dust
Gathering her dispersed fragments into the whole
Suffuses a scent so sweet and airs all memories aloud
Every bit of her souses and saturates
With all that is sent; she wombs the seeds
With a satiated soul, she concentrates;
On tending to all that it needs,
Then at the fulfillment of her existence; 
She just smiles in delight
Yet glossed over by our covetous temptations
Their alliance stands as an enormous exemplar
since ages, onto the present age, and,
shall prevail till the world’s end
Miles and miles away, they always will be
for one another they alone will be
Never can he come down
Never can she go up
Still they shall fantasize the horizon
And shall hold forever their urge of union  
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More By  :  Amrita Mallik

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