Theme: Nature

Mister Winter

It was the middle of July though
You would never know;
For everywhere the eye could see
The ground was touched with snow.

The flowers had retreated from
Jack Frost mean and surly;
And squirrels shivered in their nests
Because Mister Winter had come early.

Daddy starling kept a wary eye
For earthworms ripe for eating;
Without a meal to bring the chicks,
He knew his wife would beat him.

But no earthworms braved the chilly ground;
By noon, the starling was despairing.
So he stole some grubs from a sparrow's nest;
By then he'd gone past caring.

Mother sparrow wept with sorrow
At the starling's brazen greed;
Trilled daddy starling to the sparrow;
‘It’s not my fault love, I have mouths to feed.’

Mister Winter had no sympathy and, stifling his yawning:
‘I don't know why you're moaning so, it's getting rather boring;
December will be warm as toast; welcome to global warming.’


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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