Theme: Nature

A Fullmoon Night at Marina Beach

The wild ecstatic sea
Impatient and full of energy
To meet and play with me
Made a tempting call with all its charm
Unable to ignore the call
By my all time love,
The deep blue passionate sea
Rushed I, with excitement!

Within seconds, was I there
Walking eagerly through the plunging sand
The roaring waves made my move faster
Marking my footprints on the sand
Driven by a wild passion
I ran to embrace it with all my heart

Jumped into the charging waves,
The moment of that union
Lo! How can one describe it?
The cool breeze whistled past me
Waves kept on murmuring
And rushed fast swirling towards me
So passionately that I lost my control,
Bending down I allowed them to embrace me
Towards its heart, I was pulled with all force
With foams kissing all over me
I was lost in the ecstatic beatitude

Up in the sky was the bright full moon
Smiling at me and sharing my joy
Shedding its cool light, on the vast ocean below
I could see the waves glittering in moonlight
And dancing with joy!


More By  :  Jyothi Lakshmi B

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