Theme: Nature

Song of the Rain


Clouds appear with flowing-thunder,
The sky covered, the storm blowing,
Dark of night appears on the earth,
Smiling clouds call flying!
Rain pauseless, on burns O clouds!
Heated and scorching the earth, the whole day,
Make the dust calm and cool today,
Nature feel fresh beauty today!
The rain pour water nonstop,
Spread grace and beauty on the world stage,
Rain from sky, drizzling, O clouds!
The rain pour water, as chain of pearls!
Gusts of wind smell water,
Signs of heat, removed all,
The walls, old and new, appear bathing,
Currents flowing here and there on the path!
Neither perspired the farmer,
Nor sowed new seeds on earth,
Nor ploughs on the fertile land,
Nor tasted fruits fresh and ripe !
Raising the eyes, staring the sky
Constant with love and emotion,
By heart, ears, eyes, and body,
Surround and fly clouds on the world!
Strange beauty, lightning flash,
Darkness dense spreads all round,
The rain clouds sing new melody,
The message of free love!
Solitary dry land gets greenery,
Be youthful, the suhaagin* earth,
Fickleness slips, simplicity shy,
With love shine eyes, tilled with life!
* A female whose husband is alive.  
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More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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