Theme: Nature

Destruction and Construction

The sky dark as the deep ocean
collects the black clouds
The rain with lightning and thunder
falls with fearful force
The land with plains and mountains
bear the brunt with ease
The sea with high soaring waves
smashes everything to pieces.

The shore washed away by wind and water
looks to be a deserted place
The town whose buildings and materials shattered to pieces
looks to be irreparable
The people homeless and abandoned
seek for shelter wherever available
The children crying for milk and comfort
cling to their mother's breast.

The mother despite many dangers
courageously maintains her poise
The father seeking food and help
returns with hope and smile
The boys seeing the unprecedented scenes
play in wonder and amazement
The dead are mourned by many
as the loss is insurmountable.

The calamity caused by the fury of the nature
can never be effaced in the mind
The story the painful mind carries
will disseminate to everyone for ever
The lesson the experience has taught
will never be forgotten
The unforgettable linger on in the mind
to rejuvenate life once again.

The life with many ups and downs
makes a full circle
The hope the dream gives of the future
sets the tone right for rehabilitation
The dream full of dazzling ideas
inspires the soul to brightness
The soul the invisible activator of life
makes it round at the final sleep.

Nature the destroyer and preserver of life
has the God spirit within
The philosophy nature teaches to man
is the cause and effect of creation
The creation out of which life is evolved
is nothing but destruction and construction
Therefore life is full of sorrows and joys
whether we like or not.


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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