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Natural Calamity for Unity

The waves of the ocean soaring high almost to the sky
And falling down in a widespread way to the shore land,
Typhoon is ruthless in submerging the town en masse!
The inflowing water like a large scale river carries away
Cars, cattle, houses and trees without leaving anything free!

Typhoon causes colossal natural calamity impossible
To normalize the situation immediately in some nations.
However, it is a natural phenomenon commonly seen
That seas inundating some lands and receding after
From some lands are not unprecedented in Nature.
That can be technologically controlled but not completely.

What is the cause of the ebb and flow of typhoon
In the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean regions of the world?
Is it due to the testing of Atomic Bombs on land or in sea?
Is it due to climatic changes caused by environmental pollution?
Or is it due to the meteorological activities in the outer Space
That causes the upheaval of the oceans and seas on the Earth?
Whatever it is before the colossal calamity of Nature
Man's science and technology can do nothing to stop it!

Drowned in the mid-ocean and dying is not a great thing;
But losing all the properties in a typhoonic submersion
And struggling till death is a great tragedy in toto!
People escaped from typhoonic menaces are fortunate;
But, they are vulnerable to epidemic disease and death,
Unless food and medical assistances are provided!

After losing everything in life, is it easy for them
To revamp, rehabilitate and rejuvenate their life
And pull on the days in the world as in the past?
They require international assistance for rehabilitation,
Survival and sustenance in the world as in the past.
Though there is loss in one respect, natural calamity
Provides the chance for the people to unite together
Irrespective of classes, colors, creeds, races,
Languages and nations on humanitarian ground!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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