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An Unwelcome Visitor

Alone at night, shaking with cold
Trepidation; I await the onslaught.

My senses assaulted by the savage
Storm singing its violence fuelled battle song.
Screaming wind assails my ears, like banshees
Wailing in the middle of night as they hover
Outside a dying man's window.

The wind, with increasing fury and intensity,
Calls out in stentorian tones to its acolytes;
The angry waves, obeying the command, crash
Into the jagged rocks surrounding my isolated abode.

In demented fury, they hurl themselves;
Wave upon powerful wave, breaking themselves
For their master.
And the rain, in unison with its natural allies,
Endeavours to wreak watery havoc upon my home.

Taking refuge in my familiar bed, a loyal friend
Indeed in times of anxiety; I pull the inviting blankets closer.

And then, several hours of battle later;

An armistice.

Alone once more in my lighthouse
I wait for daybreak and the warmth of the sun;

A visitor that will be welcomed.


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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