Theme: Nature

Nature's Torrential Note

Herd of clouds moves in cirrus
Dark with dampness darts down
Dance of sequence altering the harmony,
Dews recourse the source to eternity
Patterns paving the waves to swivel forms,
Last long washing the bridges
Raising and lowering the ships and boats,
All in one with nature's singular torrential note!

Ocean born wind blows off the shore,
Interior goes the nascent air to solace the sour
Days and nights journeys miles and miles
Never the vigor vanishes and never the spirit stumbles
Such heedless force develops much measureless tempo,
Best known to the Almighty, the most obedient wild naturality
Shakes of fractostratus and smashes of forest's status, and
Beyond plains and fields moves to meet the mounts!

Mounts, highly furrowed, rugged and sharp,
Receive the brave breeze and leave in honor
Elemental fraternity meeting together once in a while,
Forgets the new born off springs once and for all
They go down the valley in brutal jollity,
Meandering and insinuating all the way
Gaiety continues filling pouches and bowels to levels,
Till, at last, they become one with the ocean!

Silent as the dark cold sea,
Vacuum encamps between both ends
Departing drags deep to the ocean,
Anchored rich with exotic fragrance
Those boisterous glamours never old,
Sweep along the curling waves
Linger on the far off lulling water
Amusing foam dashing off to the shore,
Offers a never ending beat of countless scores!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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