Theme: Nature

Nature the Teacher: Lessons from Tree and River


Oh! The leaves talk with me
And make green my heart
Full of peace, love and youthfulness
Inspiring me, my near and dear!

Oh! The trunk speaks with me
Makes me strong and erect
In life to follow
Path truthful and straight
The branches instruct me
To spread into space around
To receive light of knowledge
From all directions and ways

The flowers full of honey moving rhythmic in the breeze
And ask my heart to be soft, sweet and move for fellow-beings;
Teach me to be soft, pleasant to look and scattering fragrance
And transform into fruit
Ripening, carrying seeds for reproduction
Fruits yellow gently tell me
To become mature and enlightened
With ripened mind and spread
Enlightenment, delight, peace, bliss, love and silence

The roots ask me to protrude deep into the knowledge
And get nourished and wetness for sustenance,
Remain lively and live full of life the life
The tree as a whole tells me
To be caring and useful
To fellow beings using all my
Assets and actions for the welfare of the life and the living

River teaches me
How to advance from
Humble beginnings...
To become more and large
Acquire energy to
Pass through ups and downs
To produce streams and falls;
Be swifter with current
Giving power to one and all
From steep falls;
Then become gentle flow in plains;
When checked by hurdles and obstacles
Ready to flow through channels
Giving sustenance to crops, and humans
And quench the thirsts;
Then meander to join the
Sea of Divinity dissolving identity in the Union
In the final moments
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More By  : Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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