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Poetry's Plea

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As I opened the pages of my cherished book,
I heard my poetry shouting 'Look'
Today never shall I go to the stars to dream
Nor shall I become rays of a moon's beam
Lest shall I become a maiden's charm
Oh Poet ! Take me to the fields of a rainy farm
Let me join the farmer girls singing
in ecstasy while they are planting.

When the farmer looks at his field in anticipation
Let me be part of his silent celebration
Let me play with his kids in the hay filled meadows
chase butterflies and like them ask for the rainbow
Let me describe the crops seen in rows
and become the taste of ripe cooked mangoes
Oh bard! Let me become a fire fly
and roam in bamboo farm soaring high.

After a long day's tired work
When a farmer eats worn out bread in murk
Let me become sacred water in his glass
and give him satisfaction of the highest class
May I become the divine sweat
of the farmer and give him crops he never dreamt
When the farmer's heart is happy in glory
Let me sing with him the song of his story


More By  :  Mahesh Jambunathan

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