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A Zig-Zag Route!


Advaita philosophy says God is everywhere;
But many forms of God, so is from one God!
Corollaries and conclusions finally infer that.
Dog too has God in the reverse order ever as
Every argument in favour of this or that creed!
Fools tread where angels fear to go in this.....
God simply smiles at fools in earthly paradise!

Hadron experiment at last sees God's Particle!
Ions, atoms, elements and molecules form matter
Joining with one another with God's particle, Boson!
Keeping pace with expansion of Universe is farce as
Long distances are impossible to cover by technology!

Man's endeavour to know open secret of Nature is
Nothing more than an iota in Space infinite forever!
Omnipotent and present God laughs at man's efforts;
Philosophy he explores with experiments to prove
Questions of beginning and end of Universe somehow!
Reality is not just physical one but the spirit within
Sustaining all matters animate and inanimate forever;
Truth is that man has to understand and try by spirit.

Universe is whole matter of God with energy fused
Variously by Spirit like Gravitation holding all intact.
World is just a speck in this circus with man nowhere!
X-ray eye of man only can penetrate and know this;
Yearnings of man to fathom it by mechanical means is
Zig-zag route throwing him up and down to nowhere!
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More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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