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Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains1.jpg
I make way into my eager holiday
The lengthy wait is finally complete
I start the count to the snowy mount
Through the busy street towards the icy fleet

Yonder the plain that stretches barren and vain
With occasional trees seasoned in white grease
Across aged meadows that slip into shadows
While the dusky breeze sets into a freeze

Onto narrow highways into the thick haze
Through blurring sight into shrinking light
Until I pull in at my holiday inn
To escape the bite of the shivering night

Awakened by the morn to the jingles of a bourn
I speculate the worth of a winter's hearth
But huddling inside while snow cuddled outside
Would warrant the mirth of the frosty earth

I roll over to find the windows uncover
The majestic streaks of snow clad peaks
Upon great mounds faring unknown bounds
As the sun seeks to reflect in their creeks

Ignited is my thrill amidst the winter chill
By the life-sized postcard of the beauty unbounded
I am so replete with the visual treat
That I stand grounded and stare dumbfounded

Those masses of nature an exquisite beauty feature
With their splendor a painter's glee they render
I gaze further into those heaps of grandeur
To myself surrender to my life's cold wonder

Their white passion incites my imagination
Weaving unreal feats on the ice-cold sheets
On a fun crusade in their snowy seas I wade
Swim in their sheaths and surf on their pleats

I glide on hopes along their steep slopes
Across rough bumps sliding down their slumps
Through slippery twists onto their secret trysts
Over hidden humps leaping over their jumps

I soar so proud on their cottony cloud
The snowflakes glow in my enchanting flow
I ride their heights to reach over summits
And there I slow to paint my own shadow

Blinded by the beauty of the nature's bounty
I watch un-winking my daydreams unthinking
Until the ice begins to melt my eyes
And my heart sinking I resume blinking

I sigh aloud at this wonderful prelude
To an ultimate getaway that takes my breath away
As I dress for fun under the winter's sun
The frozen sands lay enticing a glorious day!


More By  :  Lakshmi Prabha Matham

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