Theme: Nature

Extinction of Assimilation

This isolation at home
or self-quarantine, my brothers
Is nothing but the real nature of ourselves. 
We forgot to observe ourselves
Our inner self. We just focussed on the external. 
We forgot to assimilate with our counterparts, 
they being trees, animals, birds, rivers and oceans....
We thought of ourselves as the sole owner of this land,
with all the rights to spoil it. 
We were wrong, 
We are not alone, we are only stakeholders.
While others were on the verge of extinction
We were proud to be the strongest. 
And thus we started believing so,
being the strongest of all though we were not.
We took them very lightly
and played with them. 
We forgot our role and motive of being wisest. 
But we were not really that strong and wise. 
Now it's time to realise that
We are just a part of it, not the owners. 
Simply a stakeholder not the proprietors. 
Mother Nature has given this chance and choice 
to isolate and think.
What's our role in her wellbeing 
Or what would be her role in our extinction. 


More By  : Prof. Mukesh Raval

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