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Wolves, feared animals in folktales, are back in north Europe.

They were eradicated, or so we thought, but they have been
observed in woodlands wiser than before, they don’t
like sheep and rabbits, avoid humans and dislike dogs.
Prefer deer though, and wild boars.

As historians tell us
never did wolves kill man. But you can’t beat the power
of fairytales, they eat little children and prowling cats.
If this goes on, hunters say there will be no wild animals
for us to kill, get rid of them.

“Grey foot” is our enemy.
And dark tales fill the papers, a wolf has been observed
near a kindergarten, spots of lamb blood in the snow.
Wolves are always seen in the mist just like in folklores.
Let’s kill them now before it is too late, our children get
eaten by those shadowy four legged, satanic monsters.
A question remains though, why don’t wolves like sheep?  



More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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