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Glow and Glory of the Divine

Glowing colors rained in my bosom
When I saw you first.
Dance of breezes then
Brought in my soul
A shower,
A spectrum,
Celestial glow,
A riot of colors.
All merged into the rhythmic melody
Of love pure and beauty sure.
What moments
Amidst the trash of existence!
Bliss is beauty and beauty is bliss
With truth that is lost in synthesis.

Muse doesn't amuse;
Olympus has crashed
Into fragments of frozen love;
Petals are born withered,
Flowers blown blow no freshness;
The wrinkled earth
Is fretted
With arson and armor;
The majesty of the mountains,
The splendor of meadows,
The denuded woods weep;
The thunderous message of rocks
Is silenced
In the mighty explosion of dynamite.

Ages hence,
The archeologists,
Will piece together
The story of civilization
To be recited by the curates!

You are the seer-of-all and see all,
You are the knower-of-all and know all,
You are the doer-of-all and do all,
In forms and spirits
Infinite and infinite spaces
To sanctify total existence,
Yesterday, today and tomorrow-
All is your domain.

Your integrated vision
Is disintegrated
Into isms and creeds,
And sects select
With faiths multi-facet.
This assures and gives
Loaves and fishes
Of luxuries and riches;
Sentiments are fired
Goons are hired.
Toons work and loons shirk.

So you watch gleefully
This evolution
To create certainty and sanctity
Of Man in Eternity?
Your vision of Infinity
Your creation fulfilling
In form and formlessness
And forms endless?
Perhaps you need not answer.
A little awareness of the Supreme
Makes it all self-explanatory,
Although darker regions dominate
To delude and delay
And also deny
The ultimate destiny and destination.
It saddens you not?
Your work goes on
With greater cheer!


More By  : Prof. R. K. Bhushan

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