Theme: Existence


by Dr. Jaipal Singh
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We love flowers yet pluck them
We love trees yet we cut them
We love pigeons and rabbits yet eat them
No wonder why someone is often scared
If told about the love then.

How many of us are really aware
How many life forms - plants and animals
Became extinct in the past
Or have fallen in the list of
The critically endangered,
Vulnerable or threatened.

Needless to talk about such
Countless plants and animal forms
To name a few endangered are -
Some of the most magnificent species
African and Asian elephant, gorilla,
Grizzly bear, Asian lion and tiger,
and black rhinoceros on land,
Humpback and sperm whales, green turtle
and Atlantic salmon in seas.

We humans habitually abuse nature...
Land, water, air, animals and plants
Many of us have tainted vision
Treat them as commodities belonging to us
If we could see the entire planet
As a community, for sure
We will treat them with some love and respect.

Nature is so rich and fascinating,
Like those Russian babushkas
Layer nested within layer and so on
Always concealing a new puzzle
Before you unwind the one last.

While there is a need
To befriend, harmonize and conserve
Instead if we go on a spree unabated
To waste and destroy life forms
To skin and exhaust land and water
Will undermine days of future generations
And the very prosperity and wealth
Which we so selfishly tend to preserve
By inheritance to our children.

So an intent or plan to conserve or protect
The land, water and air
The wildlife and wilderness of nature
Is really an intent or plan to protect MAN
And it's for him to choose
If he opts for the light of 'creative altruism'
Or the darkness of 'destructive selfish aim'.

Image © jaipalsingh


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