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Global Warming

In history of planet for millions years
Nature has played its balancing role
There was a time when planet was very hot
And none but dinosaurs were the real boss
Millions years later came the ice age
Turning the earth into an ice sphere
Scientist and thinkers have opinions
Yet none is certain of exact reasons.

But the human race is solely responsible
For the current crisis of global warming
Greenhouse effect is an identified cause
For abnormal rise in earth's temperature
The greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide,
Water vapour, methane and nitrous oxide
When trap the heat and light from sources
Cause a rise in the earth's temperature
Which hurts on the planet all life forms
Many die unable to cop up with change.

The greenhouse effect is balancing in nature
For it renders life sustainable on the planet
If the levels of these gases fall too much
The environment may lead to a freezing cold
If the levels of these gases rise too much 
The environment on earth is abnormally hot
Unsuitable to sustain edible plants life
With a cascading effect on all life forms.

Normal sources are light and heat of the sun,
Fossil fuel such as the coal, oil and petroleum
Are main culprits of the global warming problem
Electrical pollution is yet another main reason
Cutting down trees and clearing of the forests
Another major cause for the greenhouse effect.
Rising oceans level and the melting glaciers
Is not that enough for us to be now conscious?

Apart from what the governments are doing
By making laws and launching some projects
Tapping options of renewable energy sources,
To save our planet from the global warming
We citizens too shall make our contribution
Protection of plants and trees is important
We must use carpools and public transport
And scrupulous use of electrical appliances
Encourage the recycling and tree plantation.

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More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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