Theme: Hurt

With Malice to None

In the spectrum of life
Everyone aspires for love
And fulfillment
Yet has no control over
Success and failure
Union and separation
Loss and gain
And consequent
Pleasure and pain.

Like two sides of a coin,
Emotions in our life,
Positive and negative,
are interwoven.

Some conjure it predetermined
Relate it to a former existence
Some say it's sheer luck
Some call it just a chance
Others ascribe it to
One's karma in life.

No one ever aspires
Or consciously bids for pain
Yet law of karma works
Inexorable and inevitable
Thus can't be escaped
As every cause has an effect
And effect returns to cause.

Some people so contented
In life with possessions
And material gains,
are so impatient
And often intolerant
Even to perceive others' pain.

I ask such persons
With malice to none
What to talk of
Empathy or understanding
If they just can't bear
Even the sight or thought
Of the other's pain,
How will they survive
Or cope up
If during their life
Ever have a rendezvous with
Failure, separation and loss
Thus consequent
Endless pain?


More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thanks for compliments, Kundu Ji, all that I would like to say is only a virtuous person can appreciate others' abilities.

14-Jul-2012 01:21 AM

Comment I like it. You have posed correctly a genuine shaortcoming in many. You seem to be a thoughtful person. Your mind and heart seems to be equally balanced.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
12-Jul-2012 11:21 AM

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