Theme: Perception


by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
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Saints and seers shared their wisdom -
precious and valuable beyond measure,
surrender, they said, to Him surrender
to transcend worldly grief and pain
and attain bliss and salvation…

In every stage of life,
knowingly or unawares
we do surrender:
planes we board,
trains we get in
and in buses we travel,
the pilot and the driver
take care of us
to travel each kilometer.

During the travel very often
we read books, gossip,
play cards, check mails on internet
and not even for a moment
think who takes care of us!

In the long journey of life,
quietly a seat we take.
Hardly we try to know
the captain who ferries us
across the sea of time
in fair and inclement weather…

Before we get in
or at the time of departure
do we look back ever
for courtesy sake,
even if it be fake,
a simple ‘thank you’ to say?


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