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Generation Gap

Otherwise sober and courteous
During the last six days
Of my stay in Moscow
My Russian Chauffeur
Was late by half an hour
Visibly upset and troubled
On inquiry he explained
The cause for his delay
And inconsistent behavior
Was his fourteen year old daughter
Who contrary to his advice and reprimand
Was insistent and defied to go out
And stay late night partying
With other adolescents of her age.

Misunderstanding and disharmony
Between the young and old
A global phenomenon now
We call it a Generation Gap.
While youth is passionate
Full of drive and risk-friendly
The old have wisdom and experience
And keen to avoid risks all time.

As none of the situations
Are ideal or perfect
Hence the need for concord
An understanding and flexibility
May certainly help both.
So the old and young
Within the family and outside
Need to communicate and synergize,
A healthy conversation
And constant dialogue
Could be useful in bridging the gap
With old showing a little more
Wisdom and initiative
And young some patience
And a bit of tolerance.


More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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Comment Elders with experience go a bit slow, but youths are faster always in the fast material world of modernity and civilization! With patience only, elders can coup with youngsters now!

T A Ramesh
25-May-2021 12:31 PM

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