Theme: Life

Fragile Beauty

I was fourteen then
And she was in late thirties
I was an innocent adolescent
She my teacher and a real beauty
This school going adolescent boy
Had a crush, idolized and loved her
Being a fair and obedient student
She too had special liking for him.

I was too young to understand
As she remained a spinster in life
Nicknamed a beauty queen in town
Always a subject of curiosity and talk
Equally among the teachers and students
For her beauty, mannerism and attire.

Passed school and graduated
In education and life as well
After so many eventful years
It was just a sheer chance
While sharing reminiscences of past
Someone said she lives in the same city.

Nostalgia took me to her house
She was now around eighty
All alone in her old age
And sick with a host of diseases
No trace of her erstwhile beauty
Looked more like a wrinkled mass
Of waning flesh on a skeletal frame
With some stress on memory
She was able to recognize -
The adolescent turned a mature man,
Overwhelmed I stayed a few hours
To offer my reverence, regard and solace.

Totally shaken with grief and pain
That evening I returned back home
I wonder if this is the ultimate nemesis
Irrespective of a woman or a man
Of the senile and decaying body mass
That represents beauty, manners and style
Why many of us are so madly in love with
At a particular phase in our life...!

Often while craving for the body
So mortal, freak and fragile
We remain ignorant of the beauty of soul
Which is ageless, immortal and pure.

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More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment What a nice description of decaying of a beauty ! Jai Saheb, here in this world all things are temporary.Man falls in love by illusion, outer beauty and attraction for
reproduction.It's God's arrangement.Everything is
decaying after it is made.Our food decays after it is
ready.A car is being older after releases from its show room.A house is being older after it's completed.One thing is only evergreen.He is only and only the God.He is truth.He is beautiful. He is Shiv.
So He is said in Indian mythology,"Satam,Shivam,
Sundaram".It is extracted of all knowledge,all Scriptures. It is a great mimicry that we live in an
illusion and darkness but do not want to know about reality.Here you have depicted a real phenomena of our life situation through description of a lady teacher.Thank you very much.Few people
go from outer beauty to inner(spiritual) beauty.You have completely succeeded in your aim.Congrats.
Again a lot of thanks Jaipal Singh Ji.

Nathmal Sharma
29-Jul-2014 13:33 PM

Comment Your short and crisp remarks are far more powerful and meaningful than writing a para or page. Thanks, Kulbir Ji.

06-Aug-2012 00:36 AM

Comment Notwithstanding this fact, a soul or mind needs a medium to express, hence the relevance and importance of body. Perhaps what needs to be understood is that nothing is permanent, everything is constantly changing and this change should be accepted with grace by all.

I'm glad you liked it, Rupradha Ji.

06-Aug-2012 00:31 AM

Comment Touching!

05-Aug-2012 19:30 PM

Comment Often while craving for the body
So mortal, freak and fragile
We remain ignorant of the beauty of soul
Which is ageless, immortal and pure.
very true..excellent lines..

05-Aug-2012 08:59 AM

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