Theme: Satire


Three years of PM's miss-governance,
Resulted in loss of common man's common sense.
In these three years, unprecedented scams raised their hoods,
Scurrying the PM, deep into the woods.
Sycophancy was at its crest,
While decision-making took, complete rest!
Terrorists were dished out royal care,
While the common man, faced nightmare!
Rupee embraced its historic low,
But the PM's face, continued to glow!
Relations with neighbours, continued to deteriorate,
But India's firm stand, PM failed to reiterate.
Farmers were giving up their lives,
But the PM and his cabinet enjoyed iftaar parties, with their wives!
The President of India was usurping defence land,
But the PM was dancing to Sonia's band!
Pak and China were encroaching our borders,
But the PM was content in taking from Sonia, perfunctory orders!
Match-fixing in cricket came to the fore,
But the PM smiled, signalling, there is more!
Convicts of scam were arraigned as an eye-wash,
And later released to enjoy a big bash, oh gosh!
Inflation registered an all-time high,
But the PM could do nothing, than just sigh!
Food stocks were getting rotten,
But all his duties and promises, the PM & Congress had forgotten!
Negligence of government staff led to death of multitude,
But the PM & his cabinet still maintained disgusting attitude.
Prices of fuel burnt middle-class pockets,
But the PM was more concerned about the launch of missiles & rockets!
Whenever Uncle Sam, to the PM, dictated terms,
Our PM wriggled, and submitted to them, like worms!
Common man's security went for a toss,
But the PM, with his coterie, forgot the very cause!
Three years of miss-governance seemed, like an era of 'engineered mishaps,'
Leaving behind, abysmal gaps!
Cartoon by Prof. Mahendra Bhawsar 


More By  :  P. Mohan Chandran

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Good writing Sir.You have described real situation of our country.The leaders
forget public's problems and busy in parties,foreign tours and indulge to ful-
fil their own desires as priority of work.They ignore their duties to people.At
the time of election, they again try to tempt public.Innocent Public become prey of their attractive assurances ,it stamps on votes again for five years.In
this way clever leader like fox win the opportunity.Rich become rich and poor
become poor.People is helpless in rule of it's own.A lot of thanks for reality

Nathmal Sharma
09-Jun-2013 14:07 PM

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