Theme: Space

An Odyssey into the Unknown

A tinge of sensation leapt through me
As I identified myself as a miniscule cosmic dust
A quest to know more than the known
was driving me to look beyond
this huge and lively earth
Is Space the final frontier?
Will I see me in some other planet
living a past or future life
While gasping at the wonders that await
I slept and found myself floating
and drifting amidst stars and meteors...

Clarity emerged as the weight lifted off
I knew I had left the earth's orbit
as I saw Mars wave at me
I played with Jupiter's smallest moon
and dined with Triton
My attention moved on to a blaring buzz
I thought it was an approaching spaceship
but found it to be my alarm clock
waking me from my deep slumber
I promised to get back
to this pursuit of the unknown
as I dragged myself to work in the known.


More By  :  Mahesh Jambunathan

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