Theme: Perception

Horizon, Evening, River and Love

by Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
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I have seen in the horizon, the sky merging eagerly with the earth,
But on my attempt to embrace it, it runs away from me like a mirage.
Sky is huge; immense are its expanse, experience and age,
Yet it is ignorant of the fact that the horizon is a mere mirage.

Evening is the moment of meeting of the day with the night,
Meeting is only for a while, then the expanse of long dark night.
For eternity man has seen the day meet night momentarily like this,
But when has man understood the transience of meeting with beloved?

In its heyday it becomes impatient to meet its beloved ocean,
In the overflow of youth, mercilessly destroys the bounding banks.
But on meeting the beloved, becomes quiet like a meditating saint,
It discards its effervescence and drowns itself to finish its existence.

It is an uncontrollable, unbearable desire for beloved's attention,
But on attainment, the tide subsides and turns into mere satisfaction.
Remember! Every roaring wave coming to meet the shore of the ocean,
Vanishes within moments on hitting the shore, and loses its existence.


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