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Cosy Home Chat

I told my hubby,
Please come with me
I get bored …
Waiting for my GP

I can chat with you
While I wait
To become my GP’s
Next bait ;-)

Hubby told me,
Sorry, I’m busy!
Though I’m working
From home, there are
Deadlines, you see…!

However, my dear
Let me suggest to you
While you wait there
For your GP, how about
Writing some poetry
On your blackberry?!

Bingo! What an idea!
I did just that!
While I waited for my GP,
I wrote this new poetry…
On my handy blackberry!

A light, frothy poesy
On our cosy home chat
Now don’t you tell me,
You didn’t like that ;-)

(Here in UK, NHS waiting times to see a GP can run up to an hour!)


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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