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Soap Opera

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Do the Devil
And God switch
Roles in becoming
The writer, creator
Director of our roles?

If not,
What pleasure
Does God get
In making us
Enact the roles
Of a Rapist,
In this life’s
Soap Opera?

Is HE a sadist
Relishing the agony
Of helpless victims
Or for such roles
Does Devil the
Remain the all-powerful
Producer of such a
Hedonistic, Voyeuristic
Masochistic Thriller?


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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Comments on this Poem

"Jaisee Drishti Vaisee Shristee"

Woh Drishti Bhi, Bhagwaan Ki Dee Huyi Hai, Ya Haevaan Ki ?!

Ya Achha Soche, Achha Dekhe, Toh Bhagwan Ne Diya,

Gar Bura Soche, Bura Dekhe, Toh Haevaan Ne Diya ....

Ya Achha Bura Jo Bhi Soche, Jo Bhi Dekhe, Sab Bhagwaan Ne Diya, as HE is the Ultimate GIVER, the Karta-Dharta, of this life on Earth.

Some thoughts that keep floating in my mind, seeing all the suffering in the world, thinking whether God is cruel or kind.

Dear Roy and RD, thanks for sharing your perspectives.

21-Nov-2012 05:07 AM

Comment If all that is, comes under the jurisdiction of One almighty, then only can one comprehend the concept of Leela or the divine play. To an "individual" thus, "God" manifests as one perceives. Jaisee Drishti Vaisee Shristee.

Roy D'Costa
20-Nov-2012 21:33 PM

Comment It makes for a dazzling poem to identify the roles of God and the devil. But if God is Infinite Goodness, how can God do evil? If, for argument's sake, God is not Infinite Goodness, then God is not God.

20-Nov-2012 20:05 PM

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