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I’ll charm you
With my sunshine
I’ll flood you
With my rain
I’ll taunt you
With my hurricane
I’ll sizzle you
With my heat
I’ll freeze you
With my frost

No matter
Whatever I do,
Whatever the weather
I’ll get away with my
Cheeky, chirpy banter ;)
For I know you’ll always
Love me :) as I’m the
All-pervading Nature
You see :) and you?!
My humble lover :-)

Just as you have
Blind, unshakeable
Unconditional love
For the Almighty,
You have it also
For me, for you
Very well know,
You are always
At my mercy ;-)

So I wonder,
Do you love me
Out of fear?

Or do you love me
Simply because you
Are in awe of me?

Though it doesn’t
Make any difference
To me, whether or not
You love me, for had I
Loved you, I would have
Always cared for you :)
And given you the best
Of weather, to keep
You in good cheer,
Not make you an
Innocent victim :(
Of my moods and fancies
Spoiling your days with
My temper tantrums ;-)

I’m nonchalant
Towards you.
I love myself
Too much
To be in
Love with you.

I would rather
Let off my heat
Or cold, without
A care how it
Bothers you ;-)


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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