Theme: Atrocity

The News Headlines

Where were you
God, when those
Six devils were
Brutalising that
Hapless woman
For over two and
A half hours…

Were you watching
From the heavens
Above and waiting
For us to believe:
To err is human,
To forgive divine

OK, let’s keep
Practising and
Preaching such
Meaningless, pointless
Politics in our Temples,
Mosques and Churches
So that all such criminals
Are freed and forgiven
To again commit such
Heinous crimes that hog
The News Headlines.

(Written after hearing that the Delhi Gang Rape Victim’s ordeal lasted for a long time in that moving night bus and ultimately when she was thrown out of it, she had screamed in profusely bleeding pain that her Rapists should be burnt alive not just hanged, so that they could go thru the same searing, stinging pain they had inflicted all over her body.)


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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