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I find it
Very hard
To say No
To you
I love you
But if I
To all your
I'll find it very
Hard to
Discipline you.

(Don't know why, but I often speak in rhymes, don't know if it also happens with other poets; Initially, my children used to get surprised and say: Mummy, why you keep rhyming while talking....I used to tell them, even I don't know just happens to me naturally....with the passage of time, they've now got used to my rhyming way of talking; anyway, this poem came to me yesterday evening, while I was asking my Kochi not to do emailing but first finish her studying....It's very hard for me to say No to her as I love her so much, and I cannot bear to see her upset, so when she wanted to exchange some mails with her friends, I said No, please first finish your studies, and then you can do these leisure activities But as I was feeling bad about saying No to her, so I explained to her Why....she patiently listened to me and eventually agreed that Yes, there should be some Balance between saying Yes and No, it should not be always Yes...s and always No...s, and I'm thankful to God for having an understanding daughter who diligently did her studies and then enjoyed her emailing :-)


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