Theme: Introspection

I Believe

You’ve lied to me throughout
I knew it all the while
but strange
although a lie I hate
I could bear your lie
because it spelt your love for me.

Now from that infatuation
I have retreated back
and can look at both of us
and can laugh!
How utterly unreasonable that
you should want me to believe
 - that I should want to believe
in our love!

Now that for once you
have told me the truth
I look on you with no regret
except a deeply felt pity.

I believe that
there is no fruit in pretence
that the end result
of suck a game
is a bitter truth to face
I believe that
if one is
then love from some,
hatred from others
is always a part of life.

I believe that
it is better and wiser
to tell those you hate
that you hate them -
and those that you love
that you love them.
I believe that
it is a shame to hurt onself
and cause others pain

But because you cannot say
what aught and by right
should be said -
I only have pity for you.

For at least I believe
why don’t you?

A series of Past tense – poems from 1972 – 1986


More By  :  Julia Dutta

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