Theme: Life

End or Beginning!

by Dr. Jaipal Singh
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A boy and girl in teens, they were
Destiny had brought them close together
A case of predilection at the first sight
For more than a year's span
He remained contented with
The budding and blooming
Camaraderie, affection and care
In their tender and innocent hearts.

The relationship grew in a timespan
Marked with its own highs and lows
Days of intense affection and caring
Spell of remorse due to misunderstanding
The omnipotent time had never stopped
Sensing the time was running out fast
Aspiration to seek for life her company,
He resolved a rendezvous with destiny.

Upsurge of emotions played a villain
Heart and mind completely overwhelmed
Instead of confiding, he fretfully apologized
For all his acts of omission and commission
And eyes overshadowed with minuscule droplets
He eased himself quickly away from the scene.

Ever since always repenting this predicament
He kept on pondering for the rest of the life
Was the episode an end or a beginning
Of a love ethereal and sublime!


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