Theme: Loneliness


Among ten million people
he stands alone
his touch is one
where his flesh does not mingle
with the one he touches
his thoughts such that
no matter how well he communicates
his thoughts are his alone
separate, distinct from another's.

What he drinks
is a separate glass of water.
What he eats
is a distinct morsel from another’s.
Where he lives
he may be with five others
yet, occupies a different private space
within which none can come.

Focus of loneliness
a unit by himself
unsharable, unoccupiable personality
deep in his own loneliness
touching and living
in the solitude of his being
born such, dying so
lives, still to complain
about being lonely!
Believing in the contradiction
that he cannot live alone.

A series of Past tense – poems from 1972 – 1986


More By  :  Julia Dutta

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